My side.

Would you care if I’m gone? You don’t pick up, you don’t call, not even send a text message. Would you even cry at my death bed? How long will it take you to come see my lifeless body in an open casket? Do you feel any guilt not knowing what broke your daughter? That … More My side.

The Switch

It is no rumor that the reboot of Ghostbusters was going to be one of the most rejected movies in history. Netizens spreading malicious comments and making it the most disliked trailer on YouTube. However, the movies provide a new type of insight with feminism and gender roles into the comedy hit. It inspires young … More The Switch

The Journey Up

College is here, no time to play around. A midsummers night dream comes to an end, It is time to be focused yet bound.   Freedom to do anything past sundown, But high school mistakes are up for amends. It’s time to study, not to play around.   From morning to night jumping up and … More The Journey Up


Just the Start Your touch burns my skin. Ev’ry time I talk to you, My heart skips a beat.   Empty Words Why can’t love be easy? Three empty words will suffice, Nothing more or less.   Going Far, Yet Nowhere Daydreaming the globe, Places I have yet to go, can I be out there? … More Haiku’s

Tick Tock

Time is the only constant I have in my life. No matter what happens, time continues ticking. Friends and family may move on, but time will always stay by me because it sets my timeline. Death is not something I fear; it is what everyone goes through and others grieve through. If I am afraid … More Tick Tock