IMG_20160130_171751974_HDRTo start off, my name is Sue Jin Lim. I was born in September of 1997 in Virginia. Shortly after I was born, I moved to Georgia and began my life in the South. As a child I used to travel around on family vacations to many different states and countries. Before the start of my junior year, I moved to California for my dad’s work reasons but have come back after a year. I am an alumni of North Gwinnett High School, and recently graduated with the class of 2016. Thinking about it now, time was so short in high school that I never really had the pleasure of having “fun.” Realizing that, I had boat loads of fun at the end of my summer with new and old friends that I have gathered along the way. Now I am in college trying to figure out whats best for me and only me, instead of being pulled along by a tight string. Maybe I will find what college has to offer, but for now its just studying to pass through undergraduate studies.